Will I get the same color fabric as I see on the monitor?

Due to differences in computer monitors, we cannot guarantee that the colors you get are exactly the same as what you see.

Can I have samples?

Sorry, we do not send samples of our fabrics or decorations.

What can I do if I receive a damaged or defective item?

We know how damning this situation is. Damaged or defective items can be returned free of charge-you can choose the following solutions:

  1. Replace the same type of goods
  2. Replace different types of goods
  3. Refund

For more information, please check our exchange or refund policy.

How to cancel an order?

You can send any order cancellation request to our customer service mailbox [email protected] before the order is shipped. Cancellation requests cannot be guaranteed, because our cancellation system does not allow cancellation of items after they are ready to be shipped.

Can I cancel the return?

Already filled out the return form but changed your mind? do not worry! As long as you still own the item, you can easily cancel the refund via email to our customer service.

What if the order is missing or incomplete?

If your order status shows as delivered but you have not received the package, please follow the steps below:

  1. Confirm your shipping address. Is the "Delivery to:" on the "My Order" page the address you want to deliver to.
  2. Check your mailbox or any other place where you receive mail.
  3. Check outside of your home or near other entrances. To protect the package from the weather or theft, the driver may have left it in another safe place. This could be the front porch, bushes, garage area, side door, back porch, or under the grill.
  4. Check with other people or neighbors at your address. They may have accepted the package for you, or may keep it temporarily to protect it from weather or theft.

If you still cannot receive the package through the above methods, please contact us and we will provide any additional help to ensure that your package is delivered safely.

What are my refund options?

We will all refund your original payment method.

Can I change the refund method?

Sorry, we currently do not provide a channel to change the refund method. In the later period, we will continue to improve the channels in this area.

When can I receive the refund?

When we receive your returned merchandise and we have verified that the merchandise meets the reason for your refund, you will receive a refund within 24 hours.

If you want more information, please check our refund policy.